Apr 012019

The growing loyal audience of Ron Ridenour’s The Russian Peace Threat may be heartened by the news this title has now been (finally!) accepted by a number of influential distributors, including the following:

*Gumroad (for direct sales)
Barnes & Noble
Baker & Taylor

Draft2Digital and Smashwords both push books into many ancillary channels, notably Baker & Taylor (which specialises on libraries). Draft2Digital works with Blurb, and IngramSpark, which also offer wide coverage and distribution to libraries. The rollout uses the electronic edition as its main platform, but all channels who have the capability and disposition to do so may also fill orders on standad POD.

The terms offered by Punto Press are standard trade. The international price is pegged at USD$12.99, while the library price ranges from $15.99 to $25.75.

As of this writing we are waiting for the green light from Overdrive, Bibliotheca, and 24 Symbols, among others. Overdrive is of particular interest since they are (with Baker & Taylor) the top specialists in distribution to libraries and university archives.

For direct orders or specific inquiries, please contact me directly.

Margo Stiles
Managing Director
Punto Press Publishing

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Aug 222015

9780996487009_cov.inddTime of Exile (TOE), the long awaited third and closing volume in Gaither Stewart’s Europa Trilogy was recently published by our Trepper & Katz imprint. Distribution is being carried out by Ingram/LSI, with Amazon as the chief domestic and international retailer. Robert Prudice is in charge of top tier market coordination.

Like much of the Europa Trilogy, TOE is an absorbing novel whose narrative develops against the backdrop of a world dominated by the struggle between the Western “way of life”, soaked in American and political cultural values, and a world that refuses to adopt such an anti-humanist corporate template and chooses to build its own separate identity. Continue reading »

Oct 222012

Gaither Stewart’s espionage novel on Russian encirclement and US military bases on sale worldwide

NEW YORK LILY PAD ROLL, Gaither Stewart’s second volume in the EUROPE TRILOGY is now in wide distribution on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powell’s, and scores of other vendors in Europe, North America and other regional markets. The current edition is only available in English, but discussions are being held with potential publishers in Argentina, Russia and China.  A French edition is also being planned.

The book has been warmly received by critics who compare it favorably with the works of Ludlum, le Carré and Greene, all masters of the political/espionage genre. Pad Roll develops further the materila first introduced


An American’s probe into the secret world of US military bases spreading east from the Balkans, Lily Pad Roll is also an exploration of 21st century post-Soviet Eastern Europe. Stewart’s characters, grappling with problems of time, memory and exile, are often fractured souls seeking a centre for themselves in a geopolitical world in turmoil. Stewart marshals his engaging cast with consummate skill to offer a fresh perspective on the war on terror, unraveling layer after layer the deceits concealed in the imposition of “democracy” on a recalcitrant world.

The book is being distributed by Lightning Source/Ingram.

MEDIA: Contact Vivien Conroyto arrange interviews or review materials.