Oct 282013

Passages from his forthcoming book, scheduled to appear this fall. 


The Fifth Sun by Gaither Stewart (Punto Press, forthcoming)
Excerpt from chapter 18, pages 84-91.
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Time was the devil. Strange that they never listed Time among Satan’s names but he knew he was right. Evil Blasphemer. What bullshit. It was Time. The old priests at the residence told him he’d have to leave sooner or later. But they were generous, and Christian. They would hide him until he decided. He could rest, they said—for a while at least. Continue reading »

Oct 282013

Interview with Gaither Stewart about his Novel: The Fifth Sun

By JP Miller

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JPM: The Fifth Sun seems to be a literary departure for you. It is a very modern novel but at the same time there is something timeless about it. The action begins in Rome and moves to New York and Mexico City. After your work on the Europe trilogy, you have again gone back to America and its dichotomies. Did you have some unfinished business with your past that informed this new novel? Continue reading »