Aug 172012


Dear Editors:

Read with great interest your forthcoming book notices.  Seems like Punto Press is on a roll!

V. Putin as seen by TIME Magazine in 2009. (Photo-illustration; Painting of Peter the Great: Getty; Putin: Sergei Guneyev / RIA-Novosti for TIME)

Having lived much of my life in what used to be called “Mitteleuropa”, I remain fascinated by the ebb and flow of powers on the map of Europe, certainly one of the great theaters of history, and one likely to continue among the epicenters of cultural, scientific and political currents in the modern world, along with America and the rising Asian powers. In my view, no matter what the US does—short of blowing up the whole world, which at times, as Mr. Craig Roberts so persuasively argues, it seems on the brink of doing, the 21st Century will be a multipolar world, one in which Russia will play an increasingly determinative role. (Please see, The Ultimate Target is Russia) Continue reading »

Aug 172012

By Paul Craig Roberts

US Congress: an assembly not only of fools but of arrogant criminals.

The morons who rule the American sheeple are not only dumb and blind, they are deaf as well. The ears of the American “superpower” only work when the Israeli prime minister, the crazed Netanyahu, speaks. Then Washington hears everything and rushes to comply.  Israel is a tiny insignificant state, created by the careless British and the stupid Americans. It has no power except what its American protector provides. Yet, despite Israel’s insignificance, it rules Washington.

When a resolution introduced by the Israel Lobby is delivered to Congress, it passes unanimously. If Israel wants war, Israel gets its wish. When Israel commits war crimes against Palestinians and Lebanon and is damned by the hundred plus UN resolutions passed against Israel’s criminal actions, the US bails Israel out of trouble with its veto. Continue reading »