Jul 012016
Paul Garrett reviews "The Three Russians"

Reviewed by PAUL GARRETT The Three Russians. Punto Press, June 2016. By Gaither Stewart “The Three Russians” by Gaither Stewart, TGP’s own Senior Editor and European Correspondent, has just been released and is available at Amazon and other outlets. hen confronted with geopolitical foes, the US attempts to dehumanise its opponents and classify them as threats.  […]

Jun 132016
"Amulet" - A  Political-Fantasy Novel  by Roberto Bolaño

=By= Gaither Stewart AMULET  A Political-Fantasy Novel by Roberto Bolaño As read and admired by political novelist Gaither Stewart am reading for the first time the work of Chilean born writer, Roberto Bolaño. His novel, Amulet, set in a phantasmagoric Mexico City that, perhaps, also because it is Latin America’s biggest city, represents the entire […]

Jun 062016
From the Shores of the Caspian Sea to Central Asia - Kazakhstan and Russia Reunited

=By= Gaither Stewart (Extract from my Iranian diary; a Saturday in June, 1900s) Again, in the early morning, we had driven through the rugged Elburz Mountains from Tehran to the Caspian Sea, then west-northwest up the Caspian coast as far as Ramsar, and then doubled back east along the shore. I, the official interpreter, had […]

May 282016

=By= Gaither Stewart Special to The Greanville Post / Updated version THE DETERMINANT CLASS OF CONTEMPORARY RUSSIAN HISTORY People are oblivious to the debt the world owes to Russian civilization. ussia! What a marvelous phenomenon on the world scene! Russia!—a distance of ten thousand versts (about two-thirds of a mile) in length on a straight […]

May 062016
The Great Migration of Peoples and Multiculturalism

=By= Gaither Stewart AN  INSTALLATION  BY GAITHER  STEWARTThe massive exodus of peoples from Africa, the Middle East and parts of Asia to Europe as a result of worldwide American-inspired hegemonic wars has catapulted the sub-continent of Europe into ethnic, economic and moral chaos. While Europe tries to cope with millions of refugees and asylum seekers […]

May 032016
Let’s Talk About Korea: The Dangerous Tone of US Media

WITNESSES TO HISTORY CALEB MAUPIN ften, when people are first becoming personally acquainted with me and my political views, I will be asked point-blank: “Do you support North Korea?” I always respond, “No, I don’t support North Korea. I support all of Korea.” Among average Americans and even many who consider themselves activists and leftists, […]