Feb 052016
Antonio Gramsci - Italian Professional Revolutionary

=By= Gaither Stewart “Telling the truth is always revolutionary.” oday I visited the tomb of Antonio Gramsci in the Poets’ Cemetery in Rome, a final resting place for artists, poets, writers and illustrious foreigners and lovers of Italy. January 22 is the birthday of the Italian professional revolutionary and founder of the Italian Communist Party […]

Jan 312016
Murder in the Cathedral: A Study of Power Relations

=By= Gaither Stewart The worldwide influence of the Roman Catholic Church emanates from the Holy See,which is the Church’s central government headed by the Pope and physically located within the territory of the Vatican State inside the city of Rome with a population of 821. The Holy See has diplomatic relations with world nations which […]

Jan 292016

=By= Gaither Stewart artin was one of those persons to whom unusual things often happened. It was unclear whether he attracted the odd events or if the events attracted him. What is more, Martin implicated others in the things happening to him so that the singular occurrences of his life became a kind of complicity […]

Jan 242016
Possibility—Probability of Nuking Russia

=By= Gaither Stewart y pure chance the two events occurred simultaneously: On a summer morning I read a reference to Aristotle’s discussion of possibility and probability in Meyer H. Abrams’ book, The Mirror and the Lamp, (in 1998 labeled by Modern Library one of the one hundred greatest English-language non-fiction books of the twentieth century). […]

Jan 212016
Reading Lenin in Modern Rome

=By= Gaither Stewart A bit of Lenin before breakfast gives you the strength of a hundred camels in the courtyard. (My adaptation of a Paul Bowles’ Arab adage) (Rome) Il signore Drin Drin, Capri fishermen called Lenin in 1910 and 1912 when the revolutionary and his wife Nadezhda Krupskaya visited the Russian writer Maxim Gorky in […]