Apr 222017
Jeff Brown's China Rising Enters Distribution in Print Format

Dateline: April 1, 2017. China Rising, Capitalist Roads, Socialist destinations, Jeff Brown’s authoritative volume on China’s modern history, entered distribution in print format in early April, after some delays caused by sudden changes in the policies and requirements being implemented by major marketing channels. The book, which had seen its eBook edition appear in June […]

Sep 192016
JP Miller 3 Russian's Review

The Three Russians by Gaither Stewart Punto Press, New York Review by JP Miller It may seem strange to begin a review of a “spy story” by noting the stalwart morality of an apparently irredeemable and ruthless spy. But, Stewart’s creation of Misha Nikiforov, ex KGB and Russian successor to his influential and unforgettable Anatoly […]

Aug 232016

=By= Gaither Stewart EDITORS PREFATORY NOTE Cultures across time have embraced the archetype of the “fool” or “holy fool.” These cultural characters play many roles, but there is an underlying edge to them, for they force a kind of introspection; a sharp edged examination of the issue at hand; through the use of distraction and […]

Jul 202016
China Rising: Through a glass, clearly

Moti Nissani reviews Jeff Brown’s latest tour de force China Rising: Capitalist Roads, Socialist Destinations [Print Replica] Kindle Edition by Jeff J. Brown (Author) / 719 pp  Kindle edition   By Dr. Moti Nissani, Professor Emeritus, Wayne State University Jeff Brown’s book, China Rising: Capitalist Roads, Socialist Destinations, helped me close that gap. For one […]