Mar 232019
REVIEWS—The Right Book at the Right Time

RON RIDENOUR—Ridenour notes that the US and Britain have used the Muslim Brotherhood and assorted takfiris for almost 100 years to divide and conquer Southwest Asia. Brainwashed Americans will be surprised to learn that Afghan women could vote, be politicians, were most of the nation’s teachers, allowed full education, worked in most trades and decided whom to marry and what to wear — and all of that (and more) is what the US destroyed because Brzezinski wanted to give Russia its “own Vietnam.” The US modus operandi is to do exactly opposite of what it says, in other words: “help” means “destroy” — something that Venezuelans are currently getting very familiar with.

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Nov 282018
Ron Ridenour interviewed by Black Agenda Report

Black Agenda Report, America’s leading radical African American publication just published a must-listen interview with author Ron Ridenour (The Russian Peace Threat). The interviewers were Glen Ford, executive editor of the publication, and Nellie Bailey, a noted activist and political analyst. Black Agenda Radio with Nellie Bailey and Glen Ford 26 Nov 2018 With the […]

Oct 022018
Russian Peace Threat garners praise from Dave Lindorff

DAVE LINDORFF—Ron Ridenour, a veteran journalist and author, former member of the US Communist Party, dedicated anti-war activist and a self-described revolutionary socialist, like Trotsky (though no Troskyite himself) writes from a perspective of outside the city wall. In his latest book, Pentagon on Alert: The Russian Peace Threat (Punto Press, New York, 2018). He does an admirable of job of it too, providing an abundance of readily accessible citations (hot-linked in the book’s online version), instead of some coldly “objective” history. The Russian Peace Threat offers the perspective of someone passionately involved in combating American imperialism and this country’s century-long hostility towards Russia and its revolution against capitalism.

Jul 062018
Ron Ridenour's THE RUSSIAN PEACE THREAT enters wide distribution

TRADE PRESS  RELEASE RON Ridenour’s The Russian Peace Threat (RPT-1) has just been released by Punto Press and commenced broad distribution. The 564 pp book represents an in-depth, up-to-date examination of the struggle between Russia and the United States (and its allies) since the former declared a socialist revolution in 1917. A lifelong activist for […]

Sep 142017
Babylon Falling, latest title by Gaither Stewart

PATRICE GREANVILLE Speaking of the innocence of Myshkin, the protagonist of Dostoevsky’s novel, The Idiot, Stewart writes: “The innocence I am considering in the essay, “Innocence” is precisely Myshkin’s innocence, NOT the ignorance of uneducated, unschooled, unlettered common people. I have in mind instead the ignorance of the sophisticated and educated elite, the specialists, the ignorance […]

Sep 192016
JP Miller 3 Russian's Review

The Three Russians by Gaither Stewart Punto Press, New York Review by JP Miller It may seem strange to begin a review of a “spy story” by noting the stalwart morality of an apparently irredeemable and ruthless spy. But, Stewart’s creation of Misha Nikiforov, ex KGB and Russian successor to his influential and unforgettable Anatoly […]