Kendall Mercer reviews Time of Exile

Kendall Mercer PREFATORY NOTE  IN DEFENSE OF THE POLITICAL NOVEL TIME OF EXILE, the third volume of Gaither Stewart’s Europe Trilogy, is a political novel. I see no reasons to conceal it or to feel shame. On the contrary. Are the novels of Gabriel Garcia Marquez or Miguel Angel Asturias not political? And worthy of […]


Contemporary, accessible…This is an ideal introduction to socialism for modern readers RECOLLECTION OF THINGS LEARNED: Remembering Socialism [Kindle Edition] Approx. 108 pp Gaither Stewart (Author)* $2.99 Publisher: Punto Press Publishing (June 22, 2014) Reviewed by William Hathaway This is an excellent book for understanding our times.  aither Stewart is a man of passions. In the Europe Trilogy he […]

The Fifth Sun, an unusual novel

I give Stewart a thumbs up for The Fifth Sun A review by Rowan Wolf (Portland, Oregon) “The Fifth Sun” could fall in the category of an epic saga. It grapples with the big issues of religion and colonization, old world and new world, and a cast of characters who try to find themselves and their ethical […]

The Fifth Sun (Gaither Stewart)

Passages from his forthcoming book, scheduled to appear this fall.  The Fifth Sun by Gaither Stewart (Punto Press, forthcoming) Excerpt from chapter 18, pages 84-91. Read and enjoy Time was the devil. Strange that they never listed Time among Satan’s names but he knew he was right. Evil Blasphemer. What bullshit. It was Time. The […]