Apr 222016
Ending the "Drug War"— Solving the Drug Problem, by Steven Jonas, enters global distribution

Ending the “Drug War;” Solving the Drug Problem, The Public Health Approach, a new book by Steven Jonas, enters wide distribution. Outlines different, historically tested approach that does not rely on heavy policing, militarization and erosion of Constitutional rights. A word by the author “Ending the Drug War.”  That has been a rallying cry for […]

Mar 302016
ETRUSCANS: Between Myth and Reality

=By= Gaither Stewart THE WORLD’S FIRST ARMS MERCHANTS he men fat and sexually ambiguous. The women rich, free and promiscuous. An ancient superstitious life-loving, sea-faring people enriched by an arms industry based on iron and on wine cultivation. By the sixth century BC, while Romans were still barbarians, the enterprising Etruscan people had developed a […]

Mar 252016
The Blue Key (1)

=A short story By= Gaither Stewart he flow of Andrey’s life recalled that of the uncontrollable race on a roller-coaster. From the time he boarded, his unstable little car had carried him at terrifying speeds around curves and over bumps, up, up, then hurtling straight earthwards, while he submitted, hardly holding on and showing no […]

Feb 292016

=By= Gaither Stewart he parable is told of the boiling of a frog. If you put it in boiling water the frog will jump out as soon as it feels the heat. But if you put it in cold water that is slowly heated it will not perceive the danger. The warmth feels good. It […]

Feb 202016
Polymath Author and Teacher Umberto Eco Passes

=By= Gaither Stewart he Italian writer, intellectual, philosopher, semiologist, sociologist, university professor, Umberto Eco, sometimes referred to as the man who knew everything, died the evening of February 19 in his home in Milan at age 84. His numerous books ranged from a several, novels to a mass of wide-ranging intellectual books touching on most […]

Feb 182016
The Marxist, the Psychoanalyst, the Literary Critic and the Lonely Storyteller: A Labyrinth of Misunderstanding

=By= Gaither Stewart he unequal relationship between fictional literature and psychoanalysis has always rankled literary critics whose task it is to clarify, interpret, classify, rank and, especially in cases of political literature, bad-faith critics grant themselves the right to brand and censor literature. While the responsibility of literary criticism often fails to perform positively (especially […]