Jul 192012

Plus ça change…

The Punto Press site is being overhauled to accommodate new technical changes.  What you see is only an incomplete blueprint of the final product.  We request your patience while we introduce these changes.

—Thank you.

Jul 142012

Steve Jonas’ The 15% Solution, scheduled for Winter Season, 2012-13

The 15% Solution

How the Republican Religious Right Won the White House
—A Futuristic Novel—
(revised edition)

Punto Press has now acquired the rights to produce an expanded, revised edition of the visionary The 15% Solution, by Dr. Steven Jonas.  Much in the vein of political dystopias like Jack London’s The Iron Heel, or Huxley’s Brave New World, the book, originally written in 1996, presages the taking over of the American government by the insidious maneuverings of the radical religious right, today a distinct possibility in the United States. Continue reading »