Jun 252014
Contemporary, accessible…This is an ideal introduction to socialism for modern readers
RECOLLECTION OF THINGS LEARNEDrecollectionOldcvr: Remembering Socialism
[Kindle Edition] Approx. 108 pp
Gaither Stewart 

  • Publisher: Punto Press Publishing (June 22, 2014)

Reviewed by William Hathaway

This is an excellent book for understanding our times. 

[G]aither Stewart is a man of passions. In the Europe Trilogy he shared with us his passion for international espionage and intrigue. In Voices from Pisalocca he shared his passion for village life in his adoptive country, Italy. In The Fifth Sun he shared his passion for Native-American mythology. Now in Recollection of Things Learned he shares his passion for socialism, both the complexity of its theory and the clash of its praxis. Continue reading »