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Pitching a book to Punto Press









Punto Press will soon publish more precise guidelines for manuscript submissions covering all pertinent topics, from subjects of interest to matters of style, formatting, etc. Meantime, the following information may be of interest to authors.

Our main areas of interest cover a wide range of topics.  At this time they comprise:

  • medical science, doctors & patients, healthcare systems;
  • society & social studies;science;
    Legal & judiciary
  • the humanities;
  • politics, revolutionary change;
  • capitalism, capitalism studies & criticism;
  • socialism, socialism studies & criticism:
  • biography;
  • culture (music, cinema, pop culture, literature, theater plays);
  • media (from social media to corporate and alternative);
  • history;
  • propaganda, advertising and public relations;
  • democracy & tyranny, dictatorship, plutocracy;
  • environmental threats and ecological defense;
  • animal defense and abuse, animal rights;
  • war and peace


And, do note, both fiction and non-fiction works are considered.  The above is not an exhaustive list.

Send all queries to: ThePublishers@puntopress.com

You will receive a reply within 48 hours.  Please do not send whole manuscripts or plots, only a summary. Use email for your submission.  Do not send physical manuscripts, as we cannot be responsible for lost materials. As a matter of precaution, be sure to make a copy of all your materials before sending any to any parties, including Punto Press, of course.

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Apr 052012

Lily Pad Roll
Journeys to the Outposts of the Empire
By Gaither Stewart

Scheduled for publication by Punto Press, Fall 2012

By Paul Carline

1980: Massacre in Bologna, 85 dead. Like in the attacks in Madrid, the target of the bomb that exploded on August 2nd, 1980, in the train station of Bologna (Italy) was the railroad. On that occasion the attack left 85 people dead and 150 wounded. The bomb was planted in the waiting room of the second-class passengers. It was August and it was an important intersection point of the national railroad traffic. The objective was to kill as many passengers as possible. The target was the common people: Bologna was a bastion of the Italian Communist party. By targeting people at random, the terrorists hoped to stampede the public toward a chronic “state of maximum security.” Sounds familiar?

Lily Pad Roll is the second part of Gaither Stewart’s Europe Trilogy. It was born, so to speak, out of the characters of the first novel, The Trojan Spy. According to its author, there was, to begin with, no intention of writing a trilogy. The Trojan Spy was completed and first published as a stand-alone ‘spy’ novel in 2010, but it seems that both the characters – and the evolving political background – presented cases of “unfinished business” for the author. Although the central character of The Trojan Spy – the Russian double-agent Anatoly Nikitin – was no longer around, having met a violent death on a mountain road in Italy, his ghost hovers over Lily Pad Roll, and his intimate connection with later events continues in the destinies of Elizaveta and Masha.  

In his review of The Trojan Spy, Australian novelist Desmond O’Grady writes of Nikitin’s self-appointed mission “to uncover the deadliest of spy rings, the organizers of terrorism”. He observes that “the brutality and menace of terrorism has only increased since spies were supposed to have disappeared with the end of the Cold War, and that much of the world is hostage to a strategy of tension in which terrorism provides the pretext for creations like Homeland Security in the USA”. Continue reading »

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Interview with Gaither Stewart, March 5, 2012
Conducted by Paul Carline.
The Trojan Spy was published by Punto Press Publishing in March of 2012

GAITHER STEWART  / Photo: A. Krynsky

P.C. I’m curious about the man behind the stories – especially the three great stories which make up the “Europe Trilogy”. Great not just because they’re superbly accomplished as stories, with wonderfully interesting and engaging characters; but great – and also important – because they’re supremely relevant to the bizarre and dangerous world we’re living in. But to start on a lighter note: you have two most unusual first names: Gaither and Gwaltney, neither of which I’d ever come across before. What possessed your parents to give you such exotic names – and can you tell us where they come from? Continue reading »